Oily skin type is the most common among women and men in Nigeria, everyday I meet men and women complaining of how oily their skin or T zone is, how easily they breakout with acne and the everyday challenges they have with trying to control the oily shine it gives them yes we focus on the negative side, but first things first when you have an oily skin it simply means that you have an overactive sebaceous gland that is constantly producing more oil than the skin needs, the truth is that oily skin is actually one of the best skin types out there, the oily substance called (Sebum) produced is actually very beneficial to the general health of your skin, sebum protects the skin from losing moisture, it contains vitamin E an antioxidant that protects the skin from aging, scientist have found out that sebum contains cholesterol, fatty acids, triglycerdes and much more which is believed to be ingredients a lot of cosmetic companies use in their products, and these are all free for anyone that has an oily skin. Oily skin does not age easily, does not retain scares from lesions, having adequate amount of sebum helps maintain the natural pH balance of the skin Clearly the advantages of an oily skin really outweighs its disadvantages.

Here are some of my priced skincare advice to a more vibrant and flawless oily skin.

  • Oily skin attracts dirt, pollution and dust and remember the skin is also an excretory organ, that is why it is prone to high bacteria activity leading to breakouts, so make sure you cleanse or wash your face twice a day (am & pm) with a cleanser for oily skin followed by a toner to refresh your skin. 
  • You can do without a moisturizer because your skin is already producing enough oil or use a matifying moisturizer to keep the oil at bay. 
  • Always you makeup that is oil free 
  • Visit your local Spa for montly deep cleanse facials, to reduce any build up of sebum in the pores of the skin 
  • Exfoliate once or twice a week and follow with application of a deep cleansing masque. The key to an enjoyable oily skin is to keep your skin clean and enjoy the pleasures of having an oily skin

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